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About Us

The Grant Writers Association of Oklahoma cares deeply about all its stakeholders, and the team works tirelessly on their behalf. The primary focus of GWA’s work is to provide professional development opportunities to undergraduate students at The University of Oklahoma wishing to enter the nonprofit or public sector. Through our carefully crafted and extensive curriculum, we both provide our students with practical skills pertaining to grant writing and the fundraising profession and imbed in them a passion for and a highly developed understanding of the nonprofit sector. Fortunately, in doing so, we can offer pro bono grant writing services to our nonprofit clients who do amazing and variable work throughout the State of Oklahoma. As we are fortunate enough to operate within the context of The University of Oklahoma, our team is additionally committed to serving the University and engaging with its community. This commitment is realized by volunteering with The Big Event, offering our services to student organizations, and assisting other nonprofit-oriented groups in serving the sector.

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